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A Goat Roast!

January 2, 2020

Our photographer leader, Piper, has spent a lot of time in Kenya over the past 16 years, and actually lived there for two. As a result, she has developed warm relationships with some of the tribes and is greeted enthusiastically when she appears in a village, hence our invitation to join their goat roast celebrating the circumcision of the 14 year-old boys of the tribe.

We spent some time with the Samburu, including a visit to the chief’s home (one room, made of mud and sticks), and were enchanted by the children, whose first question is always, “What’s your name?”

Following the men to the top of a hill at the edge of the village, we watched them paint each other’s faces and fancy up in beaded necklaces and feathers as the most adept butchers among them slit the goats’ throats and drained the blood (for drinking). After skinning the carcass they cut it into large pieces which they placed on the bonfire they had started by rubbing sticks together. We sampled the roasted liver, which they generously offered — and it was tasty!



What a special evening it was!

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