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Making Salt on a Black Beach

February 21, 2019

Making salt the traditional way is labor-intensive work. Water is collected from the ocean in heavy canvas bags slung from a pole resting on the worker’s shoulders, then carried uphill from the water’s edge and splashed on a perfectly smooth base of sand. As the hot sun evaporates the water, the salt crystals stay on the surface. After three days the salt is collected, run through a filtering and drying process and is ready for sale.

At this beautiful black sand beach we were able to watch the collection process.

Hauling WaterSpreading WaterPouring Water

I read that a salt farmer can collect about 70-100 kg of salt in a week and sell it for $10. Really hard way to make a living.

  1. I love how these pictures capture the culture of traditional salt making, but I’m bummed that they are only making $10 a week. That’s insane 🙁

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