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It’s All About the Rice

February 18, 2019

The people of Bali have cultivated rice for thousands of years, and today follow the same rituals, and even some processes, that date back centuries. According to Nyoman, virtually every family has a rice field, and when it’s planting time (as it was during our visit), it’s all hands on deck to get the tender seedlings into the ground as quickly as possible.

Rice is central to Balinese cuisine, from black rice pudding for breakfast to fried rice (nasi goreng) to sticky rice balls filled with sweetened coconut.

Woman with Basket on Head

Rice Planter with ReflectionPulling Weeds

Planter with Seedlings

In some areas they still use oxen to plow the fields for planting, but this man-powered plow is more the norm. We watched these guys move this heavy machine from one paddy to another below — a dangerous and strenuous feat!


Over the Edge-2

Over the Edge

Down She Goes

Irrigation canals surround and snake through the fields.

Resting Worker

A well-deserved rest after a back-breaking morning of planting rice by hand.

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  1. Back-breaking work indeed. What a beautiful country!

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