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Sunrise to Sunset

March 22, 2018

4:30 a.m. is an obscene hour to get up, but we were going to the dunes for sunrise, so needs must get out early. The spot where we parked was backed by orange rippled dunes and faced a plain leading to layered mountains. On the plain, near us, were several iconic dead trees. With the pinking sky behind and the fog-shrouded hills in the distance, the scene was magical.



Our driver, Lucas, brought out coffee, tea and biscotti. Very civilized. Back at camp, our hosts had laid a sumptuous breakfast, and then we had some free time to relax while the sun was at its blistering zenith.

Ka’naan has its own little quiver tree forest among some rocky hills on the property, so we drove there to shoot photos in the golden light of late afternoon, then wound away to a flat plain with dead camelthorn trees to capture their silhouettes in the sunset. When we had had our fill of shooting, we enjoyed gin and tonics, cheese and crackers and oryx jerky as the light slowly faded.

One Comment
  1. Marlo Quick permalink

    Each one is a masterpiece. Well worth the early alarm!


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