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A Double Temple

September 24, 2023

Idiosyncrasies of the Nile: I mentioned earlier that the southern part of Egypt, near Aswan, is called Upper Egypt. The Nile flows north toward Lower Egypt (Cairo) from its junction with the White Nile, originating at Lake Victoria, and the Blue Nile, from Lake Tana in Ethiopia. Its drainage basin covers eleven countries. There’s dispute about which is longer, the Nile or the Amazon. The prevailing winds, however, blow from north to south, making sailing the Nile a challenge. Our dahabiya trip was south to north, so we were propelled by a tug and the sails never raised. It took me about four days to get my head around this. Meanwhile, graceful feluccas glided past, sails filled with the prevailing breezes.

Kom Ombo is an unusual temple, dedicated to two gods, Sobek, the Crocodile God, and Horus, the Falcon. As such, it has two entrances, two sanctuaries and multiple halls.

There’s a small crocodile museum featuring mummified crocs.

Wall carvings at the rear of the temple represent surgical instruments, as well as a depiction of Isis in a birthing chair.

Our typical day would start with breakfast on Merit, followed by a site visit with our congenial guide, Ahmed, then a return to the dahabiya for lunch and a rest. One day at lunch a couple of enterprising young men approached the boat to sell us merchandise. One of them would toss an item up to the dining deck for our inspection, then the buyer would carefully lower payment back to their boat.

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