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Last of Acadia

November 14, 2021

It seems to have taken me forever to finish off this post…

When the rain finally abated, we visited the lovely Sieur des Monts Nature Center. A stroll on the boardwalk and through wooded trails showed off autumn in all its glory. Turns out fall is lichen season.

The image on the left above is me playing like Monet.

If we were going to get a sunset, Jordan Lake would have been the place, but alas, mist shrouded the Bubbles. The boulders at the water’s edge were dramatic nonetheless.Do you prefer the color or the black and white version?

My friend Terry and I decamped from Bar Harbor on Sunday afternoon and spent about a day and a half in Portland. Our plan was to chase some lighthouses, but the ones that weren’t far out of the way were underwhelming. Portland Head Light was picturesque, however — and you notice the sun came out.

We packed up our cameras and headed to the Old Port and our hotel, opting for a bit of wandering, a little shopping and lunch. Portland is a great eating town, but the pandemic has left restaurants short-handed, making it hard to get a reservation. We weren’t disappointed, however, with the places we found: the Honey Paw, David’s and Boda for delectable small plates. They don’t get the ink accorded to Duckfat (a 2-hour wait for lunch!), Central Provisions or the Eventide Oyster House, but our meals were delicious all the same.

After depositing Terry at the airport Tuesday morning, I meandered down route 1 to Ogunquit for my last lobster roll. Before jumping onto the interstate to return to Connecticut, I stopped to photograph Nubble Light in York. I’ve never seen the Atlantic so calm and flat; usually the waves are crashing against those rocks.

All in all, this long weekend turned out to be a good way to dust off the camera in anticipation of a host of upcoming trips.

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