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Back to the Monkey Forest

February 5, 2019

Taking our second group to the Sacred Monkey Forest gave me the chance to capture some better monkey business. On our first visit, the light was challenging — dappled, with deep shadows. The overcast on the second trip was so much more favorable, and it might be my imagination, but it seemed like the monkeys were a bit more accommodating too. These are Balinese macaques, and I saw quite a few more babies than the first time around.

The expressions on their faces were so human, and it was fun to watch their rituals: grooming each other, or mom hanging onto the baby’s tail so he wouldn’t scamper away. Their Mohawk haircuts were very dashing! The baby in the last picture was so new he still had his umbilical cord attached. I love his crazy hair and wrinkled little face.

Mom Holding Tail

Mom and Baby


  1. They are so cute!

  2. Cheri permalink

    I LOVE these babies!

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