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A Walk to Opatije

October 22, 2018

Our walk this morning began in Mošćenice, a tiny village perched on a hillside on the east coast of the peninsula, where we were greeted by the mayor’s wife, who runs a little shop. Wandering the narrow, winding streets, we came upon a shop selling grappa, and had ourselves a morning pick-me-up. But this wasn’t the fiery liquid we associate with the name; rather, these two varieties were flavored with lemon and honey.  Grappa for Breakfast

A small museum offered an interesting snapshot of long-ago life here.

This medieval village is in two parts: the old town commands the heights and was the original fortified city, while Mošćenice Draga, the lower town, overlooks a crystal clear, stony Adriatic beach.

Garden Corner in MosceniceMoscenice DoorwayMoscenice Sidewalk

Moscenice DragaBeach at Moscenice

After a brief exploration of the lower town, we picked up the Promenade, locally known as the Lungomare,  for our beautiful walk to Opatije, where we would spend the next two nights.

This area is known as the Croatian Riviera, and once you glimpse the clear teal waters of the Adriatic, the reason is clear. In the late 1800s Opatije was officially designated a climatic health resort, and many of the gracious villas were converted to sanitariums or guest houses.

Opatije VillaVilla Mosaic DetailYellow Villa

Clinging Tree   Stone Piles Along Promenade-2

Opatije ArchitectureRocky Cliff

Our walk to dinner afforded a lovely view back to Opatije and a stroll among fabulous graffiti portraits.

Looking Back on Harbor

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