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Siq al-Barid (Little Petra)

May 3, 2017

Just fifteen minutes from Petra is the site known as Little Petra, which sounded great after yesterday’s trek. Little Petra was considered a sort of suburb of Petra, an agricultural center and supply stop for caravans plying the trading routes.

In the house below, the ceiling was covered with ancient plaster. Ogla had promised we’d only have to climb fifteen steps to go inside, and this time he was being truthful. But oh, those steps!

Along the way we met a very old man playing a rababa, a one-stringed instrument like a violin; Ogla told us he was singing a love song to the woman with green eyes — which happened to be our group member Pat.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

Further along an old woman was selling jewelry and wool she had spun, trying to earn money for her hajj to Mecca.

After a brief visit, we were off to…

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