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Snowed In

February 10, 2015

For the third Monday in a row, it snowed — not just a dusting, but at least 5-6 inches on top of what was already on the ground. What’s remarkable is that there wasn’t more, considering it came down all day and all night.  I can’t get out of the driveway, because the town plow left a three-foot high pile totally across the bottom: too high to barrel through with the car, too heavy to shovel by myself. I await the snow removal crew, my lifeline.

The birds have emptied one of the feeders again, so for the third time in four days I shoveled a path across the deck….Path to feeder 3

And across the patio…trying not to fall over as I sank up to my knees.

Path to feeder 2

The icicles have become gargantuan, and I’m thankful for my deep gutter-less eaves. No worries about ice dams melting down the walls.

Icicles 2

Long late-afternoon shadows paint tracks on the snow… Shadows on snow

…and hardy rhododendrons promise spring will come, eventually.

Snow on rhododendron

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  1. Katherine permalink

    Wow. Great pictures! That snow is unbelievable.

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