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Consider the Oyster

January 15, 2015

With a tip of the hat to the great food writer and chef M.F.K. Fisher…I’m still thinking about the perfect oysters I enjoyed in Biloxi, Mississippi, last week. Icy cold, slightly briny, tender and smooth, with a generous squeeze of lemon, tart red cocktail sauce and sinus-clearing horseradish…a veritable symphony for the taste buds. The very best thing about Biloxi is the impeccably fresh seafood, and oysters top the list.


“An oyster leads a dreadful but exciting life.”  M.F.K. Fisher, Consider the Oyster1941.

  1. Although I’m a New Englander who doesn’t like oysters, the WordPress daily prompt for January 14, 2014, Connect the Dots, led me to learn a lot about oysters—beginning with a discussion followed by a 20-question quiz. You and your readers might enjoy reading
    What You Need To Know About Oysters: A Quiz

    Continue enjoying your Biloxi oysters.

    Carolyn Carolyn’s Online Magazine

  2. elisabettabodri permalink

    waiting for next time you come to France in order to enjoy oysters in Bretagne . Come back soon!

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